numthreads: Simple Python package to set the number of threads used by OpenBLAS, MKL, OMP, NumExpr, and Accelerate


unidep: Unified Conda and Pip Dependency Management 🐍


pipefunc: Lightweight function pipeline creation 🐍

💻 Your cross-platform, flexible, and incremental backup solution using rsync, offering Time Machine-style backups with added versatility. 💽🚀. 🔄

WenFire ⁉️🔥

WenFire: WebApp visualizing your path to financial independence, built with personalizable assumptions and interactive visualizations. Ignite your journey to early retirement! 💸

🐍 Python Environment Paradise: Finding My Perfect Workflow 🌴

A Personal Journey Through Pyenv, Pipenv, venv, Virtualenv, Homebrew, Anaconda, Miniconda, and finally Micromamba

🚀 Supercharging Your Python Development: A Guide to the Best Tools When Building a Package 📦

Explore the top developer tools for enhancing productivity and code quality in Python projects

Adaptive Lighting

🌞 Adaptive Lighting: Home Assistant custom component for auto-adjusting color temperature and brightness of lights based on daylight. 🌙


🔎 CodeStructure: Extract Python code signatures without execution, providing a clear structure overview. 📚

Home Assistant Streamdeck YAML

🏠 Home Assistant Streamdeck YAML: Control Home Assistant on Stream Deck across all OS with YAML configuration. 🎛️